April moods

So here I am! relaxing......I have applied my aloe gel gifted by my colleague..just chilling out over some teen show called "awkward" and sometimes enjoying my lite reading by Jenny Han, I should say Life is good Alhumdulillah right? No matter if that means somethings are not. Even if a major part of void is there in your life- yet for right at this moment....Alhumdulillah. Maybe tomorrow that void will be filled up but this chilled out mode might not be there. I was talking to my mom about post partum depression for like 2 minutes. She referred to our earlier generations of women who did not know about it and who could not balme the "hormones" what did they do.....Well I said they just went with the flow of life. Then now when I think about is raising some knowledge really a power? or Is ignorance is a bliss? WHAT is the RIGHT way to define it? Perspectives....... Time...tide...situation and person- these all define the perspective. Re…
Lately i have not been feeling that well physically. I just feel I could do better but I don't. Coming and staying with my mom is what i that Baby Z is taken proper care with help. Can't put in words How Important parents are. The biggest blessing on earth and hereafter. amen to that.
I have planned to write so much these days. I have had so many topics on my freaking mind. But right now when I am sitting down to talk. I just have no fucking idea what to write about..
Sometimes life is all about just settling in. Amid all the chaos and all the problems you feel that just reading a book and sipping your coffee from your favorite mug. Life is amazing looking at your child while your child is healthy and fast asleep. Life is something at times which is not happening in front of your eyes- but that is what is most happening- life is all about enjoying those moments- just doing NOTHING sitting at home, knowing your have food, shelter and clothes and occasional entertainment opportunity. Life is enjoying cup noodles or packet soup, life is fresh flowers bought after like 6 months, life is smell of perfumes which you kept storing since school (come one use it up- you do not want it to go a waste). Life is knowing that the presentation you dreaded so much working on actually ending on a good note. so pause, enjoy each moment- you never know if today's exact way of life will be there or not.
I wish some people just go reverse.... went back to their mother's womb and never existed ever.
Having common sense is one punishment and dealing with people with zero common sense makes life a living hell!
Each December month is like a roller coaster. You get all the pressure form management to get the revenue in. Get sorted out with the pending stuff and then you realise "what was I doing all these time over the year?"