Blue Whale on the surface

It all started with my a sister in laws's msg on fb "how Blue whale game has entered into Bangladesh and a 13 year old died"

Then after a while my sister updated her status which summarizes down to "I am sick and tired of this blue whale game related posts. I am gonna shoot if anyone send me anymore awareness post on this shit".

 Then followed by another colleague's status update "if anyone tries to warn me not to play blue whale game- I promise to start playing. If you want to commit suicide you can do it anyways- no need to play a game" Then a friend gave a status "Nil Timi" with a blue background with two whale emoticons vefore and after the two words. I am not sure what she wanted to say- Whether it was a sad in thing or an awareness post.

From evening my Mom got all tensed and perturbed as Blue whale has made it to the national TV of Bangladesh. She read about it on social networks now it has made it to news (Oh god!) She called …
What do you say when you can not ....go on Do you ever say "Darling I am tired Let's part ways It is hard to say and move on with our own way?"
I think I just have been bullied....cyber bullied. For an official thing I gave a post and someone assumed she knows everything about everyone and charged me. She was such a weird person. Seriously give me break. Just when people rise above norms and religion they completely loose themselves. This is the same case. People turn into rude ignorant person. Politics is surely a creepy disease humans have to ddeal with. Some make life and enjoyment through it. Anyways....there shall be people like that eho sucks out the good in people. I have not been sleeping amazingly recently. I am having a hard time. Well I will talk about it.
Have you ever wondered the dynamics of society? I mean society includes both men and women. How come is it so twisted???? Why are only women judged now and then? Well I have come up with a thought on this. It has mostly to do with the human characteristics. When women feel they are the weaker sex it is kind of them vs the world. The world which consists both men and women. Have you ever heard men being felt the weaker gender? No! Because they are united, the society that we live in to impress has all friendly men who are never against each other. But for women the reality is different. We have men to oppose and a bunch of women to stop us to achieve our potentials and life goals. What is there was a world where they was no gender but only one motto- everyone is a human with desires and hopes? Where everyone would be treated equally as humans to be who they are?
People are machines as well. We know how the mechanics work on machines but we are yet to discover the secret of chemistry in humans which is basically the mechanism in humans. The more we are digging in....the more fucked it is.
Once someone said "i wasn't sure whether she would be able to take of the child or not" - the "She" here was refereed to be me and that person who made this comment was someone I assumed to be pretty wise old man given his way of talking and work experience. Seems like no matter how you know someone, see someone- end up perceiving or even you can say "creating a persona" of a person (I do not want to say "judging" someone)- people end up disappointing you. The thing is we see them from our own point of view. We want them to be "our kind of person". Truth is they are what they are and some might try creating an image (some are really concerned about creating an image or put up an impression in front of people) But my gotta know what you can handle and what you want. the more you know your abilities, capabilities and your wants- the more better you are with dealing with life. Truth is- f*** it, leave it. Do not give a…
A very good thing happened today. Instead of being very happy.....i became numb. I started missing my dad. I wish I was able to share my happiness with my royal bengal dad. I would have loved to think what he would have said. Or what his thoughts were on the topic. But Allah has a different plan for us. Thus I miss out on so many stuff. Anyways.....i hope things go fine with me and I can become more like my dad. And I will try to be proud and content with my achievements.